Partial body massages: Euro 27,00
Parts of your body will be massaged (legs, back, nape of the neck), with special focus on problem areas. (30 minutes)

Classical full-body massage: Euro 42,00
Our masseuse puts all her skill and heart into this massage. A must for all those who wish to prevent or simply feel good. (50 minutes)

Anti-stress massage: Euro 17,00
A fantastic complement to the partial or full-body massage. A solace for your body and spirit. (15 minutes)

Hay bath: Euro 38,00
Extraordinarily effective relief from joint and hip pains, back aches, muscle spasms, sciatica, stiff joints, obesity, neuritis. Joint and back pains simply disappear. (35 minutes)


“Maria Galland Paris”

Toning treatments, massages, packs, baths, thalasso therapy and “Maria Galland Paris” programmes that will make you feel deeply relaxed. 
Dedicating a bit of time to yourself, once in a while, is sure to do you a lot of good. So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the wonderful world of wellness. An 800m² area, a source of vitality and beauty, is just waiting for you.

Seaweed wraps: Euro 25,00 very effective against cellulites – fantastic results – re-shaped body.

Flower packs: refresh and purify your whole body

Oil packs for feet: Euro 15,00
castor oil packs – effective relief for swollen, heavy feet and ankles

Cleopatra bath: pressure point massage – milk and oil bath  purifies and moisturizes skin

Diana: pressure point massage – mud – chalk – seaweed – salt treatments

Aromatic flower baths: pressure point massage – rose – camomile – lavender – orchid – hay flower treatments

Paraffin treatments: nourishing bath – arms – joint aches and rheumatisms
disappear! Hot paraffin oil – A and E vitamins

Maria Galland’s classical treatments

Emperor’s bath – underwater massage – Cleopatra – seaweed – honey bath – Euro 50,00

Masque Modellant: Euro 55,00

Beauty treatment that penetrates deep below the surface of the skin.
The “Masque Modellant” beauty mask, used successfully in millions of treatments, operates as a catalyst: the effects of the special preparations applied to the skin become increasingly
powerful, though the single substances used do not mix with each other.
The lymphatic and blood circulation is stimulated, enabling the deep penetration of the beneficial active components. The results satisfy the most demanding expectations and reinforce your feeling that you have treated yourself to the best.
(70 minutes)

Cocon therapy: Euro 55,00
a rejuvenating feeling…! – „ Maria Galland Paris“
The future of cosmetics is here. The “Cocon” therapy combines highly advanced preparations and high technological content for total body health and wellbeing. A light mask of active foam is used as a catalyst. Your skin will acquire new suppleness and smoothness. A beauty treatment of superior quality.
(70 minutes)
Extensive face, neck and shoulder treatment: steam with natural extracts – cleansing – peeling – eyebrow shaping – tonic – mask – deep cleansing – massage – ampoule

Small facial treatment: cleansing – eyebrow shaping – tonic – massage – natural mask – vapozon – daily protection